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John Trevor Colvin

financial software, Financial Services

John Trevor Colvin's bio can be found at Blue Trading Systems (, leaders in software to support professional options trading

John Trevor Colvin's Bio:

John Trevor Colvin grew up in Chicago, attending high school and college there.  He continued studying phyics in graduate school, after which he moved to southern California to work at Hughes Airfcraft.  After a couple years at Hughes, John Trevor Colvin returned to Chicago to study business.  During his summer internship at Goldman Sachs, John Trevor Colvin realized his career would be in financial modeling, which combined his love of solving quantitative problems with the competitive, urgent environment of capital markets.  John Trevor Colvin married Gail Suzanne Colvin while at Hughes.  They raised 5 children in Chapel Hill, NC.  John Trevor Colvin, Jr works with him at his current company, Blue Trading Systems.

John Trevor Colvin's Experience:

  • Partner at Blue Capital Group

  • Founder at Pinehurst Analytics

  • Managing Director at Normandy Asset Management

  • Director of Research at Smith Breeden Associates

  • Financial Engineer at Hull Trading

  • Sales and Trading Intern at Goldman Sachs

  • Staff Physicist at Hughes Aircraft Company

  • CEO at Blue Trading Systems

John Trevor Colvin's Education:

  • University of Chicago

    Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    Concentration: Physics
  • University of Chicago

    Concentration: Physics/Math

John Trevor Colvin's Interests & Activities:

My kids, golf, wine, TarHeel basketball,..

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